Worcester Bosch Boiler Guide

When it comes to high-quality, efficient, and reliable boilers, it’s hard to beat what Worcester Bosch has to offer. The manufacturer has been in business for more than 50 years now, offering only the highest quality boilers for your home. This is exactly why they are such a popular option for homeowners here in the UK.

Where Worcester Bosch really excels is in offering a huge selection of boilers to choose from, which means no matter the size of your home or what your needs may be, there will be a model that can tick all the boxes.

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What Makes Worcester Bosch Such a Great Choice?

So, what makes Worcester Bosch boilers such a great choice for your home? Well, there are a few stand out reasons, these include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Worcester Bosch is known for offering such energy-efficient models that you will find that your energy bill actually goes down in price, thereby saving you money on household bills.
  • Energy Efficient: Speaking of your energy bill going down, this happens because of the five-star energy rating that the Worcester Bosch boilers have. The boilers use the water vapour condensation’s heat as fuel, so you will be saving on the energy usage.
  • High-Quality: Then there is the fact that Worcester Bosch only offers the very highest quality products. It scores highly when it comes to quality, reliability, and also in customer reviews.

What Type of Boilers Does Worcester Bosch Offer?

Worcester Bosch offers three main types of boilers for your home. These are:

  • System boilers
  • Combi boilers
  • Conventional boilers

Homeowners can also choose between different fuel options, sizes, and shapes.

We offer a number of Worcester boiler ranges, including the Greenstar Si Compact, the Greenstar i series, the Greenstar CDi Classic, and the Greenstar CDi Compact.

It should be noted that all Worcester Bosch boilers also come with a standard five-year manufacturer-backed warranty. When we install your boiler, however, you can increase that warranty to 10 years for an additional price.

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