Glow-worm Boilers Guide

Choosing the right boiler for your home can be an intimidating and often confusing process for homeowners. You want to be sure you are making a sound investment for your home heating and hot-water needs and choose a model that will stand up over the years.

Glow-worm boilers certainly tick off all the “must-have” criteria when searching for a new boiler thanks to its more than 80 years of experience and knowledge in the boiler manufacturing business. As a domestic-heating manufacturer, Glow-worm recognises that homeowners want boilers that perform well, are reliable and do extremely well where energy-efficiency is concerned.

Stand-out Reasons to Go with Glow-worm

As a homeowner and customer, we understand that you want to be assured that you are making a wise investment when it comes to your boiler. This is exactly why we feel confident in recommending Glow-worm boilers for households of all sizes and system needs.

The company has been around since 1934 and has created a very strong and reliable reputation for itself. Customer satisfaction is something they take pride in, as do we.

What are the Popular Types?

To ensure that all homeowners find something that fits their needs, Glow-worm offers:

  • System boilers
  • Regular/conventional boilers
  • Combi boilers

With that said, there are a few lines that tend to really stand out as solid options with homeowners. These have a proven track record and are bestsellers for Glow-worm. What’s even better is that we can install any of these systems in your home. The list features:

  • Ultimate3
  • Easicom3 28
  • Energy
  • Betacom3 24c

Keep in mind the cost of the boiler will vary depending on the model you choose and what your kW output needs are in your home.

As for warranty, Glow-worm has you covered, and you also have the option of extending it for a fee.

Let Us Help You with Service, Repairs, and Installation

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